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These Holy Ark Schematic units do not require any great skill to build or use.
Any beginner hobbyist can do it.


What is required:

TWO (2) envelopes.
ONE envelope any size to hold ONE 5x7 or larger, self-addressed envelope with $1.96 affixed First Class U.S. Postage and Five Dollars in U.S. Currency ($5.00) or Foreign current rate of exchange. Foreign orders must contain completed required declaration forms. Cash only, no checks, money orders, drafts or credit cards. no exceptions.


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Self-addressed return envelope may be pre-paid register-receipted if all required documentation is properly completed.


The Akurians.


The actual Electrical/Scalar circuitry of the Holy Ark was revealed by directed discernment when The Most High presented the information to His Anointed of This Generation of Fire. Even in its near-shambles state The Holy Ark itself is extremely dangerous and does not tolerate the false, frivolous or fanatic.

What the legends tell us:

The Holy Ark is reported to be the most effective and dangerous
religious artifact ever recorded. It permitted direct two-way conversation with The Most High Lord God of All Creation, killed without mercy for the slightest violation of itself or its designated area, fed multitudes for decades and fought wars with devastating effect on whole armies and fortified cities. A strict disciplinarian, infallible defensive weapon, supply depot and communication system all in one unit. It even prevented shoes from wearing out!

Moses was shown the original and ordered to make a copy. Finite construction details are lacking, other than a few size dimensions, image descriptions and materials, primarily wood and gold. When finished it was an
infinitely awesome Device of Devices as dangerous as it was powerful. Those who carried it, cared for it or had the duty to approach for guidance, had to be specifically prepared and dressed. Proper protection via insulated attire is still the norm for those who work with high voltage, industrial and public service electricity.

Though undefeatable, the Holy Ark was not a weapon any enemy wanted in their own camp. Its actual construction prevented physical reverse engineering. Its presence required the same exclusive attention as commanded of the Israelite Priesthood Tribe of Levi. No other bloodline could perform that detail-demanding service regardless of how well-intentioned.

The only time the Holy Ark was reported out of Israelite hands,
due to Israelite disobedience, riding on an ox-cart it fell into the custody of the Philistines. It immediately began to raise its own brand of hell, upsetting and breaking statues of the Philistine god Dagon and infecting the entire population with emerods, bleeding hemorrhoids that weren't limited to the rectum! Seems the Holy Ark also possesses a sense of ruthless humor!

According to reports, the
remnant of the Holy Ark is kept in a special treasury at the Church of St. Mary of Zion, Axum, Ethiopia. And that is where it is discerned to be by The Most High's True Anointed of This Generation of Fire and True and Righteous Proven Knowers of The Great Testimony of The Most High. The Holy Ark is not physically accessible to the general public and can be spiritually discerned by any True and Righteous - not just pure-in-their-generations Levites or equally pure Israelite Tribals of which there are thirteen.

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